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  • Here be tigers


    In this oleograph (Wellcome Library no. 26596i) from Bombay, the apsara (nymph) Menakā attempts to seduce the yogi Viswāmitra. She succeeds, and a daughter Sakuntalā was born of their union. We might notice that, in this work by the Indian… Continue reading

  • It’s that Eadweard Muybridge again!


    Tate Britain’s splendid exhibition of the works of the mighty Muybridge enters its final week: the last day is Sunday 16 January 2011 (open 10.00–18.00). It of course does full justice to his well-known photographs of things in motion which… Continue reading

  • Mellow memories of the drug market


    The drug bazaar, Constantinople. Watercolour by J.F. Lewis. Wellcome Library no. 45051i Good to see Brian Sewell writing in a mellow mood (though not for long) in yesterday’s ‘London Evening Standard’. [1] The usually acerbic art critic gave a half-page… Continue reading

  • Epic of the Persian Kings: The Art of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh


    Material from the Wellcome Libary is currently on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, as part of a landmark exhibition. Epic of the Persian Kings: The Art of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh explores the monumental artistic legacy of one of the… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library loans swastikas and squiggles to the Science Museum


    Submarines, tanks, swastikas and squiggles are probably not the first things that come to mind when envisaging the material held in the Wellcome Library, but that’s exactly what is contained within the Melanie Klein and Donald Winncott archives that are… Continue reading

  • Last chance to see …


    … the National Gallery’s spacious display of the Wellcome Library’s four paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, Acts of mercy. The exhibition is open free of charge at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square until Sunday 17 October (open every day… Continue reading

  • ‘London’s Lost Collector: Searching for Edward Lovett and His Magical Collection’


    The Wellcome Library’s Ross MacFarlane will be giving a talk at the Cuming Museum, London, on Saturday 16th October, titled ‘London’s Lost Collector: Searching for Edward Lovett and His Magical Collection’. Lovett was a folklore collector in the early 20th… Continue reading

  • Photography awards for Dave Sayer and Ben Gilbert

    The Wellcome Library’s photographer, Dave Sayer, has won a Gold award at the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) annual awards, for his photograph of George Nuku at Wellcome Collection’s Skin exhibition. Dave captured George, an artist, with the Maori display… Continue reading

  • Imperial China comes to Hartlepool


    Those of you with a good memory might recall previous postings here about the exhibition China: Through the Lens of John Thomson 1868-72 opening first in Beijing last year, and then in Liverpool earlier this year. Well, its tour of… Continue reading

  • Van Gogh visits Haarlem


    ‘Schizophrenic genius’, manic depressive, or a sufferer of psychoses that drove him to paint at lightning speed? These are some of the diagnoses that the exhibition ‘Dossier Van Gogh: Gek of Geniaal?’ (‘Mad or Genius?’) at the Het Dolhuys Museum… Continue reading