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  • Cayley Robinson triumphant


    There is a new audio slideshow on the BBC website about the Wellcome Library’s paintings Acts of mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson. The presentation, by Paul Kerley, marks the opening of the new exhibition at the National Gallery, in which… Continue reading

  • China then and now: exhibition in Liverpool


    A Chinese portrait artist, Hong Kong. Photograph by John Thomson, 1869. Wellcome Library no. 19840i. In or near Liverpool this weekend? Among other attractions in the city, the Wellcome Library’s spectacular exhibition of photographs of Imperial China will be on… Continue reading

  • Sterilization and murder of psychiatric patients 1934-1945


    The Prinzhorn Collection in Heidelberg has opened a small exhibition of “Pictures of a forced sterilization” which were acquired in 2008. They are a series of pictures by Wilhelm Werner (1898-1940) who lived from 1919 in the asylum at Werneck… Continue reading

  • Imperial China on Liverpool’s waterfront


    Dong Xun (1810-1892), Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs in the late Qing, prolific writer, and authority on hydrography. Photograph by John Thomson, 1872, in a digital scan from 2009. Wellcome Library no. 19558i One of the treasures acquired by Henry… Continue reading

  • Courier duties to the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo


    Leonardo di Vinci, Damien Hirst and Marc Quinn are just a few of the famous artists whose works will be displayed at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, as well as other contemporary and historical items from the collections of… Continue reading

  • Jesty in Dorchester: Return of the native


    Detail of painting of Benjamin Jesty by Michael William Sharp, 1805. Wellcome Library no. 654136i   In 2006 the Wellcome Library repatriated from South Africa the portrait of Benjamin Jesty, a farmer who practised vaccination in Dorset in 1774, twenty-two… Continue reading

  • The Exhibition of Living Patients, 1881


    A man with Lupus erythematosus. Watercolour by Mabel Green, 1902. Wellcome Library no. 672807i The International Medical Congress which took place in London in 1881 was the seventh in the series, sandwiched between the sixth congress in Amsterdam and the… Continue reading

  • Rackstrow’s Museum


    Exquisite Bodies, the Wellcome Collection exhibition which closes this Sunday, aims to provide a history of the anatomical model in the nineteenth century. The show begins however, with an introduction to anatomical museums in the eighteenth century. One of the… Continue reading

  • Telescope and Paintbrush in Pisa


    Galileo Galilei. Oil painting. Wellcome Library no. 45628i The summer of 2009 sees a wave of celebrations to mark the fourth centenary of Galileo’s first use of the telescope to observe celestial phenomena. In his birthplace Pisa, the exhibition Telescope… Continue reading

  • April in Beijing


    On the boulevards of Beijing the trees are in blossom as the Wellcome Library’s exhibition is about to open at the World Art Museum. The exhibition is Beijing’s first opportunity to see the vivid photographs of late Qing dynasty China… Continue reading