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  • Beards of belonging


    To mark Movember, we invited “pogonographer-in-chief” Alun Withey to commission a month of posts celebrating the history and culture of facial hair.  Here’s the second in the series, by Daryl Green. The beard is an outward marker of the masculine… Continue reading

  • A month of pogonography on the blog


    To mark Movember, we invited “pogonographer-in-chief” Alun Withey to commission a month of posts celebrating the history and culture of facial hair. Should prove to be a hairy ride! 2015 has been another year in which the beard has stubbornly… Continue reading

  • Stranger than a wolf


    Wellcome Images recently acquired a photographic series depicting the gradual creation of a human head in clay.  They form part of an art project called Stranger than a Wolf by artist Heather Spears. For the project sculptor Ellie Scheepens was… Continue reading

  • Spotlight: an artistic expression of science


    Some items in our collections are intriguing because they sit on disciplinary boundaries or ‘blend’ traditionally polarised subjects such as art and science. This photograph represents a combination of the embryonic field of neurology, Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and the practice… Continue reading

  • Looking good for Friday night…


    Why do some faces set my pulse racing and not others? If this has ever crossed your mind, you are not alone. In the past, many have tried to use science to decode the elusive quality of beauty and many… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insight – Fascinating Faces


    This Thursday afternoon (16th June) offers another chance to explore the provocative idea that faces can be ‘read’, through our free Fascinating Faces ‘Insight’ session. This session will explore face reading, from its origins in Ancient Greece and China up… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insights: June – July


    Our popular Insight sessions offer visitors to the Wellcome Library an opportunity to explore the variety of our holdings. These free sessions are thematic in style, last around an hour and offer a chance to learn about our collections. Details… Continue reading

  • English manual of practical chiromancy or palmistry


    Ever wished you had the ability to accurately judge a person’s character from their appearance? Perhaps you want to know when your baby will be born? Or what message your new beard is giving to strangers? Well, you’re in luck.… Continue reading

  • Item of the Month: ‘Business Head of the Future’


    Recently re-discovered in a corner of the storage rooms was a modest, thin volume that revealed the economic hope of the future in earlier times, when faith was placed in one man. It was none other than David Lloyd George,… Continue reading

  • London Faces: new ‘Insight’


    This Saturday, 2nd October, the library will feature a new Insight talk – London Faces – to coincide with Story of London events. Learn how Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens and James Gillray made their own contributions to the fascinating history… Continue reading