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  • Scottish witches ‘fly’ online for Halloween


    We’ve recently digitised a 350-year old manuscript. Nothing very unusual in that, but this one is really rather special. MS 3658 is a record of men and women accused of witchcraft in Scotland in 1658, at a time when the… Continue reading

  • Digitising family history sources


    Starting May 2015 the Wellcome Library will begin digitising some of its family history materials in partnership with The digitised images will be freely accessible through the Library website and will become available from early 2016. The published journals… Continue reading

  • Open this year


    Archives are the raw material of history: where a published source will typically give you an overview, archives plunge you into the day-to-day detail of the past.  It is from this detail that history synthesises its grand pictures: there is no… Continue reading

  • Online Resources: UK Medical Registers,1859-1959


    If you’ve ever tried to trace a medical ancestor by wading through the printed volumes of the UK Medical Registers then you’ll be pleased to hear that after a successful trial period, Wellcome Library users now have online access to… Continue reading

  • Camberwell House Asylum


    One of the fastest-growing categories of Wellcome Library users in the past ten years has been family historians. Many people, of course, have medical practitioners among their ancestors: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, opticians, vets… But the Library’s holdings for family historians… Continue reading

  • New family history sources for 2011


    For anyone contemplating work on their family history, January the 1st is a significant day: not merely the day on which one resolves really to get down to it this year, but also the day on which, every year, a… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Workshops


    This week’s free Wellcome Library workshops are: Wellcome Images Do you need a picture? Find what you need from the Wellcome Images catalogue: search 160 000 pictures online, covering the history of medicine and the history of human culture from… Continue reading

  • Family History at the Wellcome Library


    April’s edition of the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? magazine includes a feature on the best websites for researching medical ancestors in the UK. Rather pleasingly, the Wellcome Library’s website is chosen as the ‘Best Overall’ site. Our… Continue reading