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  • Making and marketing condoms


    The 1960s was a good time to own Britain’s biggest condom factory, but the London Rubber Company (LRC) was not without its problems. Despite record sales and increased condom use, there was a distinctly oestrogenic blot on the horizon. The… Continue reading

  • An eye-opening week working at Wellcome


    Thomasin Summerford shares her experience of a one week placement in our Moving Image and Sound Collection. Arriving through the swing doors of the Wellcome Trust building in Euston Square, one enters a reverie of contemporary glass and steel, the… Continue reading

  • A gift for Disability History Month


    A Gift for Love is a film about a seven-year-old girl, Judy, played by Amanda Humby, finding her mother the perfect Christmas present with the 6 shillings and 8 pence in her money box. The only problem is that they… Continue reading

  • Brett: then and now


    Roger Graef is a distinguished theatre producer, documentary film maker and founder of the production company Films of Record. He curated a programme of films around science on film for the 75th anniversary of the Wellcome Trust in 2011. It… Continue reading

  • Doctor! The heart’s stopped!


    Cardiac arrest is a popular narrative device in TV and film. However, on screen, it is shown to have much better odds of survival than in real life. During fictional hospital resuscitations, the dramatic significance of eye contact between team… Continue reading

  • The Pioneer Health Centre and positive health


    A perennial favourite of researchers in the archival collections of the Wellcome Library is the archive of the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham, including the papers of its founders, George Scott Williamson and Innes Hope Pearse. Now thanks to a couple of recently… Continue reading

  • Cells on Film: making movies in biology


    I am a scientist in the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics. I am also a cinematographer. Making movies of cells and tissues under a microscope is a regular occurrence in our laboratory. To be clear, there is no… Continue reading

  • An Iron Lung for Polio


    A recently broadcast BBC television programme, The Battle to Beat Polio, features historical footage from a Wellcome Library film. The film in question is The Both Mechanical Respirator, 1939 and it has an interesting story of its own. Polio or… Continue reading

  • ‘Small bite, big threat’


    World Health Day 2014 (7 April) is about raising awareness of vector borne diseases – diseases carried by mosquitos, flies, ticks and bugs. In the 1980s the Wellcome Trust Film Unit produced a series of films about the history of… Continue reading

  • Doctors abroad: travel & far flung places


    In honour of home movie day on 19th October, we have created a playlist on the Wellcome Library’s youtube channel of amateur films shot by doctors and others on their travels. The earliest footage, A day at Gebel Moya, briefly… Continue reading