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  • DNA sketch in letter from Crick

    60th anniversary of discovery of DNA structure


    Today marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of Crick and Watson’s paper on the structure of DNA in Nature. In the published paper their assessment of the discovery was subtle though crucial: It has not escaped our notice that… Continue reading

  • Item of the month, October 2012: Imaginary history


    The preservation of hard documentary evidence about the past is what we archivists strive towards constantly.  But just for once, allow this particular archivist to indulge in a flight of fancy and imagine how molecular biologist Francis Crick might have… Continue reading

  • Archives from the pioneers of modern genetics to be brought together for the first time


    More details have been announced today of the Wellcome Library’s groundbreaking digitisation project, ‘Modern Genetics and its Foundations’. Tens of thousands of notes, letters, sketches, lectures, photographs and essays, produced by the key players in the discovery of the structure… Continue reading

  • Taking a bite out of Francis Crick


      On Friday 16 March (1.10pm-1.55pm), Wellcome Library Fellow Dr Christine Aircardi, will be giving a free Bite-Sized Lunchtime lecture at University College London. Christine will talk about her current research, in a lecture entitled: “The life of Francis Crick: a… Continue reading

  • The cataloguer’s conundrum


    The Wellcome Library is very pleased to announce that the third and final batch of Francis Crick’s scientific papers is now fully catalogued and available for research. The entire archive has recently been imaged as part of the library’s Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Messages to Francis


    From letters sent to the eminent molecular biologist Francis Crick between 1987 and 2003: Dear Francis, wen I am olda, I wood lik to be a brilliant scientistt like you. Did you always want to be a scientist? Is it… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: February 2011


    February was a month of sustained activity in the archives and manuscripts department, with a lot of cataloguing projects but most of these still ongoing. Some 243 new records went into the database, but of these only a tenth became… Continue reading

  • The deep freeze


    If your extremities feel like icicles right now, shudder at the chilly prospect faced back in 2004 by Francis Crick (who co-discovered the structure of DNA, in case you have forgotten). Three months before he died in July 2004, Francis… Continue reading

  • ‘The Beauty of Diagrams’


    On 16th December, BBC4 broadcast the most recent episode of their series The Beauty of Diagrams, in which mathematician Marcus du Sautoy explores the stories behind some of the world’s most familiar and influential scientific diagrams. The latest featured diagram… Continue reading

  • Public events


    News of a pair of forthcoming free public events, which draw on the expertise and knowledge of two members of Wellcome Library staff. On Tuesday 30th November, Ross MacFarlane, Research Officer, will be speaking at Brent Archives on ‘Henry Wellcome:… Continue reading