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  • Acts of Mercy: Cayley Robinson and Stanley Spencer


    Facing the entrance to the Wellcome Library are two large paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862-1927), from his series Acts of Mercy. This pair, painted in 1916 and 1920, both under the influence of World War I, were formerly facing… Continue reading

  • Daumier’s Flâneur: an appropriated man


    The cover of the September 2013 Apollo magazine might have aroused a semi-conscious flicker of déjà vu in some visitors to the Wellcome Library. It reproduced a painting by the Scottish-born painter Peter Doig. The painting, called Metropolitain, is one… Continue reading

  • ‘Acts of Mercy’ on the move


    Since the Wellcome Trust purchased Frederick Cayley Robinson’s Acts of Mercy in 2009, the four paintings have been moved around a considerable number of times.  This wouldn’t be an issue if they were a reasonable size, but as anyone who… Continue reading

  • The ‘Orphans’ go for a short walk


      In 2009 the Wellcome Library acquired four large paintings known as the Acts of Mercy. They had been painted by Frederick Cayley Robinson between 1915 and 1920 for display in the Middlesex Hospital, in the Fitzrovia district of central… Continue reading

  • Sightings of Cayley Robinson in Florence, Paris and Cheltenham


    Visitors to the Wellcome Library see in the entrance hall four paintings of the Works of Mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson. They are allegories embedding the oppositions within themes relevant to the historic mission of hospitals: institutions and individuals, children… Continue reading

  • Last chance to see …


    … the National Gallery’s spacious display of the Wellcome Library’s four paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, Acts of mercy. The exhibition is open free of charge at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square until Sunday 17 October (open every day… Continue reading

  • Cayley Robinson triumphant


    There is a new audio slideshow on the BBC website about the Wellcome Library’s paintings Acts of mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson. The presentation, by Paul Kerley, marks the opening of the new exhibition at the National Gallery, in which… Continue reading

  • The ‘Convalescent Blues’ in Frederick Cayley Robinson’s ‘Acts of Mercy’


    by Jeffrey S. Reznick PhD The four paintings of the Acts of Mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson, now in the Wellcome Library, were painted between 1915 and 1920. Cayley Robinson derived his subjects from a variety of sources. A brass plaque… Continue reading

  • Cayley Robinson’s “Acts of Mercy”: more new information


    The above photograph of one of the four Acts of Mercy paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, now in the Wellcome Library, was taken in the Middlesex Hospital in 2006 by Dr Jeffrey S. Reznick. Dr Reznick is Deputy Chief of… Continue reading

  • Remembering The Middlesex Hospital


    The façade of The Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London, now demolished. The Wellcome Library receives a steady stream of former members of staff of The Middlesex Hospital renewing their acquaintance with the four well-remembered paintings Acts of Mercy by Frederick… Continue reading