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  • Games Week: A celebration of games in London, 7th-15th July


      The History and Heritage Adult Learning London network, convened by the Raphael Samuel History Centre, will be holding a week-long celebration of games in history from 7th-15 July 2012, with events planned at leading museums and archives across London.… Continue reading

  • Summer Insight talks


    Our popular Insightsessions offer visitors to the Wellcome Library an opportunity to explore the variety of our holdings. These free sessions are thematic in style, last around an hour and offer a chance to learn about our collections. Details of… Continue reading

  • From the Game of Goose to Snakes and Ladders


    Amongst the more surprising items in the Wellcome Library’s collections, are a small selection of board games produced across the past three centuries. While they may seem a little drab in comparison with more modern pastimes, the board games of… Continue reading

  • Puzzling proteins


    Put your visualisation skills to work for scientific research at Foldit, a computer game pitting humans against computers in the race to understand the function of proteins. Why humans, when computers are so much faster? According to the people at… Continue reading