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  • An unstoppable team in blood grouping: R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger


    The archives of Robert Russell Race and Ruth Sanger have recently been made available for consultation in the Wellcome Library (ref. PP/SAR). Race and Sanger are best known for their contribution to the understanding of blood groups, in particular Rh… Continue reading

  • Digitising the archive of geneticist Hans Grüneberg


      The Wellcome Library is host to numerous scientists who are famed for discovering important aspects of genetics, many of whose papers are being digitised as part of a major on-going project. While Arthur Mourant was the so-called ‘father of… Continue reading

  • Tour de Francis


    The preparation and photography of the Francis Crick archive have provided the digitisation team with a rare and intimate glimpse into the life and thoughts of the Nobel-prize winning scientist. What prevails is a pragmatist, a prolific correspondent, a man… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing – September 2010


    The archives and manuscripts cataloguing highlights from September bring together a rich mix of brand-new cataloguing and expansions of old listings, of twentieth-century material and older, and – for the first time – of paper and born-digital material. Professor Hans… Continue reading

  • Main man for mutant mice


    Archives and Manuscripts is pleased to announce that a detailed catalogue of the papers of the geneticist Professor Hans Grüneberg FRS (1907-1982) is now available online. Although a rudimentary boxlisting of this collection has been available for some considerable time,… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing – August 2010


    August saw the completion of several long-running projects, with newly catalogued collections and retroconverted catalogues both entering the online database for the first time. Several thousand new records were made available for searching, chiefly relating to twentieth-century collections. Our first… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library launches major digitisation project


    The Wellcome Library has announced the launch of an ambitious digitisation project, to provide free, online access to its collections, including archives and papers from Nobel prize-winning scientists Francis Crick, Fred Sanger and Peter Medawar: “Creation of the Wellcome Digital… Continue reading

  • Genetic Alliance UK Archive Available at the Wellcome Library


    The archives of Genetic Alliance UK (formerly known as the Genetic Interest Group) have been catalogued and are now available to researchers at the Wellcome Library. The catalogue of the collection can be searched online through the Archives and Manuscripts… Continue reading

  • Human Genome Project and the Wellcome Library


    The first draft of the human genome, announced jointly by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton on 26 June 2000, was heralded by the press as a massive scientific breakthrough, the applications of which would improve health and extend life. Scientists… Continue reading

  • An Alliance with the Genetic Interest Group


    We are pleased to announce that the Wellcome Library has been chosen by the Genetic Interest Group as the repository for their archives. Work will begin shortly on cataloguing the archive, so that these important records can be made available… Continue reading