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  • Wellcome Library Insight: Superheroes


    Join us for this Thursday evening’s free Insight talk: a full-colour forray into the dynamic world of Superheroes with our Ephemera curator, Stephen Lowther. The talk will be richly illustrated with some unusual and rare graphic novels from the Library’s collections… Continue reading

  • Motherhood and apple pie


    Some great graphic novels and comics have come into the library recently on the themes of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Kate Brown’s graphic novel Fish+Chocolate provides three short stories around the theme of motherhood. The third of these, Matryoshka is the… Continue reading

  • Stories of illness: biographies, pathographies and narratives


    Back in June 2011 I attended a seminar on the role of biography in the history of psychology and psychiatry. This interesting and informative day raised a lot of questions about the relationship between biography and history. Modern academic historians… Continue reading

  • Graphic Medicine


    I’m not a great aficionado of comics or graphic novels. I know who Alan Moore and Stan Lee are; various (male) friends and family have raised my awareness of Marvel and DC Comics; I’ve read the odd issue of Swamp… Continue reading

  • Francis Crick and science fiction


    In the wake of the ‘Frankenstein science’ fears stirred up by last year’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, startling evidence has come to light of a strange hybrid organism genetically engineered in the USA. A newly-catalogued file in Francis Crick’s… Continue reading