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  • Doctor! The heart’s stopped!


    Cardiac arrest is a popular narrative device in TV and film. However, on screen, it is shown to have much better odds of survival than in real life. During fictional hospital resuscitations, the dramatic significance of eye contact between team… Continue reading

  • Happy Valentine’s Day


    It’s amazing what you can find in a history of medicine library: The Valentine’s Day card, probably from the 1920s, doesn’t hold back on the ‘hearts and flowers’ (and cherubs) when it’s opened: This and several other Valantine’s Day cards… Continue reading

  • Cardiac history roundup


    Wellcome Library no. 679722i   The photograph above, dated 1931, portrays the cardiologist Edward Franklin Bland. Born in Virginia in 1901, Bland spent most of his career at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he was an Intern, House Officer,… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insights – September and October


    Our popular Insight sessions offer visitors to the Wellcome Library an opportunity to explore the variety of our holdings. These free sessions are thematic in style, last around an hour and offer a chance to learn about our collections. The… Continue reading