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  • April in Beijing


    On the boulevards of Beijing the trees are in blossom as the Wellcome Library’s exhibition is about to open at the World Art Museum. The exhibition is Beijing’s first opportunity to see the vivid photographs of late Qing dynasty China… Continue reading

  • Acts of Mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson: now back on display


    Hmm, these big white walls at the entrance to the Wellcome Library look rather bare and cold. What does it look like if we try putting a painting up? One with warm colours, like one of the four paintings of… Continue reading

  • Unflowering fuchsia: the date of “No walk today”


    “No walk today” by Sophie Anderson is a classic of Victorian genre painting, but it has not always been appreciated. The painting’s last owner paid only 14 guineas for it after it had failed to reach its reserve of 15… Continue reading

  • Prints, photographs, paintings and drawings catalogue hits 65,000!


    The Wellcome Library catalogue of prints, photographs, paintings and drawings, and of iconographic documents in general, reached its 65,000th entry today. The numbers are assigned by the computer as the records are made, so there is no particular significance in… Continue reading

  • Mrs Bennett — before and after


    These two paintings are part of an archive of Georgian paintings and drawings which appear to come from Leeds. Works from this old Yorkshire collection have been appearing in dribs and drabs, from several different dealers, since 2004. This pair… Continue reading

  • Tribulations of Father Bernardo

    Etching by Jeremiasz Falck after Bernardo Strozzi. Wellcome Library no. 35207i Bernardo Strozzi (1581-1644) of Genoa was a painter whose works include this portrayal of an old lady sitting at her dressing table, assisted by two slightly mocking younger women.… Continue reading

  • Running aground in Haiti and in cyberspace


    The Wellcome Library has just acquired a monograph by the late Paul C. Appleton, Resurrecting Dr. Moss [1]. It is a biography of a short-lived Dublin-born naval surgeon Edward Lawton Moss (1843-1880), who spent much of his brief career in… Continue reading

  • Item of the Month – February 2009


    A toast in Abyssinia. Wellcome Library no. 667946i It could be said without fear of contradiction that wherever you are in the Wellcome Library you are never more then ten feet away from a reference to Aristotle, the Virgin Mary,… Continue reading

  • Polish posters at the London School of Hygiene


    The Wellcome Library has a large collection of posters including a small but distinctive sample of Polish items. Frequently ironic with a grim humour, they are unusual in using solely graphic means without any slogans, as in this example showing… Continue reading

  • Acts of Mercy by F. Cayley Robinson (1862-1927)


    ACTS OF MERCY is the collective title of four large oil paintings on canvas painted by Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862-1927) between 1915 and 1920 for the Middlesex Hospital in London. They had been commissioned for the hospital around 1912 by… Continue reading