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  • Easter 2012: “O death where is thy sting?”


    Easter week celebrates the moment when, in Christian metaphysics, mortality is overcome by everlasting life. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ redeems mankind from the sinful state into which mankind fell through Adam’s disobedience to the will of God in the… Continue reading

  • The ‘Orphans’ go for a short walk


      In 2009 the Wellcome Library acquired four large paintings known as the Acts of Mercy. They had been painted by Frederick Cayley Robinson between 1915 and 1920 for display in the Middlesex Hospital, in the Fitzrovia district of central… Continue reading

  • Portrait of a lady in Nizamabad: Isabel Kerr. Wellcome Library Item of the Month.


    Photograph by G.M. Kerr, 1926. Wellcome Library no. 726380i.   This photographic print is one of the apparently few and elusive portraits of Isabel Kerr (1875-1932), a Methodist missionary who founded the Victoria Treatment Hospital for people with leprosy at… Continue reading

  • A treat at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin


    © The Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Only a few more days for readers in Ireland to see the exhibition China through the lens of John Thomson: 1868-1872, which comes to an end at the Chester Beatty Library… Continue reading

  • New online resources: Your Wellcome Library Paintings, and National Trust Collections


    The free online database Your Paintings was launched last year. [1] It makes available information on more than 100,000 paintings in public and private collections in the United Kingdom that are accessible to the public. The collections include not only… Continue reading

  • The Boilly exhibition in Lille


    For anyone with easy access to Lille – and that includes anyone in London, which is 90 minutes from Lille by direct Eurostar train, at a price – the exhibition of works by the painter Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761-1845) is well… Continue reading

  • Early Modern Horror


      Students from the Art History department at University College London visit the Wellcome Library for an MA course on “Early Modern Horror“. It is taught by Dr Maria H. Loh (far left), and looks with critical attention at sixteenth-… Continue reading

  • Mesmerism on show


    Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) was the promoter of a form of animal magnetism (named Mesmerism after him), at first in Vienna (1773-1777) and subsequently in France (1778-1784). His unique selling point was the supply of mesmeric fluid that served to… Continue reading

  • “The flamboyant Mr Chinnery”


    Thomas Colledge with patients in Macao. Aquatint by by William Daniell, 1834, after George Chinnery. Wellcome Library no. 9880i   “The flamboyant Mr Chinnery” is the title of an exhibition on view at Asia House, in the West End of… Continue reading

  • Hermitage and heritage: Augustinians in history


    Austen (the surname of one of England’s best-loved novelists) and Austin (the capital city of Texas) are both abbreviations of the name Augustine. That name became popular from Saint Augustine of Hippo, Father and Doctor of the Church (354-430), philosopher… Continue reading