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  • It’s that Eadweard Muybridge again!


    Tate Britain’s splendid exhibition of the works of the mighty Muybridge enters its final week: the last day is Sunday 16 January 2011 (open 10.00–18.00). It of course does full justice to his well-known photographs of things in motion which… Continue reading

  • Item of the Month, December 2010: The London Monster


    On this day in 1790, this man, Rhynwick Williams, a young unemployed Welshman was convicted of three counts of assault and sentenced to six years in prison. This – seemingly – brought to an end a sequence of attacks on… Continue reading

  • Mellow memories of the drug market


    The drug bazaar, Constantinople. Watercolour by J.F. Lewis. Wellcome Library no. 45051i Good to see Brian Sewell writing in a mellow mood (though not for long) in yesterday’s ‘London Evening Standard’. [1] The usually acerbic art critic gave a half-page… Continue reading

  • World AIDS Day: from despair to defence


    During the year since World AIDS Day 2009 the Wellcome Library has continued to add to its already substantial collection of AIDS posters. This (left) is the first to be received from Tajikistan; indeed it is only the ninth work… Continue reading

  • R.I.P. Robin Day R.D.I.


    Probably everybody reading this has at some time sat in a chair designed by Robin Day, the designer who died on 9 November 2010 aged 95. His stackable plastic chairs, and their derivatives, are ubiquitous in British schools, hospitals and… Continue reading

  • Robert Gooch: “A name, I trust, that will not perish in the dust”


    Robert Gooch by John Linnell, 1831. Wellcome Library no. 3701i Some 9,000 of the Wellcome Library’s portrait-prints and -drawings are catalogued in the Wellcome Library catalogue, but most of the records are very brief: they omit much of the information… Continue reading

  • “In an admirable manner”: Darwinism on the grapevine


    This Japanese woodcut (left: click on image to enlarge;  by K. Egawa after a painting by Ryūrikyō, 18th century. Wellcome Library no. 730398i) can be considered from several points of view, one of which is its unwitting role as an illustration… Continue reading

  • George III’s 250th anniversary. Wellcome Library Item of the month


    On 25 October 1760, the British King George II died and his 22-year old grandson George William Frederick, previously Prince of Wales, became “His most Sacred Majesty George the IIId, King of Great Britain &c.” (above). Looking back from today’s… Continue reading

  • Last chance to see …


    … the National Gallery’s spacious display of the Wellcome Library’s four paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, Acts of mercy. The exhibition is open free of charge at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square until Sunday 17 October (open every day… Continue reading

  • Death of slapstick king


    R.I.P. Norman Wisdom British slapstick virtuoso and cult hero in Albania. Seen above in a poster advertising the French version of A stitch in time (1963), in which he stars as the comic gadfly and victim of an overbearing medical… Continue reading