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  • The horoscope of Iskandar Sultan


    An exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, ‘Power and Protection‘ is “the first major exhibition to explore the supernatural in the art of the Islamic world”.  The exhibition also offers a rare chance to see one of the highlights of the… Continue reading

  • Classifying medieval Islamic titles


    The Wellcome Library preserves many historical works from Islamic countries. Often these works have titles that bear no relation to their content, or sometimes works on very different topics have the same or similar titles. Many works on medicine contain… Continue reading

  • The Secret Scientists – Ibn al-Haytham


    Episode two of The Secret Scientists aired last week on the BBC World Service. Just as in the first episode, the documentary used the resources of the Wellcome Library to illuminate figures from the History of Science. In this second… Continue reading

  • The Secret Scientists


    The BBC World Service today aired the first part of a new series, The Secret Scientists. Details: “According to the popular notion of science history, the period between the ninth and 13th centuries was what has come to be called… Continue reading