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  • Happy 156th birthday, Dame Rosalind


    Today’s Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Life of the Day commemorates Dame Rosalind Paget, born on 4th January 1855, died 19th August 1948, nurse and midwife. Rosalind Paget was one of the numerous women involved in the reform of nursing… Continue reading

  • Online resources: Changes to ‘Nature’


    As all registered readers of the Wellcome Library enjoy remote access to a number of Nature titles, we thought we would bring you news on how the world’s most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal has recently changed. Nature has been… Continue reading

  • Edward Jenner and his moving statue


    Broadcast tonight in the UK on BBC1, will be the latest episode of Doctor Who, in which the time traveller with the medical title meets again with the ‘Weeping Angels‘, creatures with the appearance of statues but who can move… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insight – Around the World in 100 Years


    This week’s free Wellcome Library Insight session, explores the 19th-century globe-trotting adventures of surgeons, medics, clerics and ordinary tourists, whose records have found their way into the Library’s collections. Details.

  • 17th-18th century Burney Collection newspapers


    This outstanding collection of parliamentary papers, newspapers and pamphlets gathered by the Revd Dr Charles Burney (1757-1817) can now be accessed from the Wellcome Library. The Burney Collection, held at the British Library, represents the largest single collection of news… Continue reading

  • Medical History Supplements – now online


    The Supplements to the journal Medical History (from 1981 – 2004) are now freely available online at PubMed Central and UK PubMed Central. Readers interested in Medical London may find the 1991 supplement particularly interesting, with contributions from Roy Porter… Continue reading