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  • ‘Lobbied, charmed and persuaded’


    We were saddened to read the recent obituary of Vera Houghton (1914-2013), pioneer in the fields of abortion law reform and free birth control. The importance of her work, and that of her late husband, the Labour MP and Cabinet… Continue reading

  • Sex and Dr Joan Malleson


    Dr Joan Malleson (1899-1956) worked in sexual health and fertility at a time when even talking about such topics could be a source of acute embarrassment. By all accounts Dr Malleson treated her patients with a great deal of understanding and compassion. She was… Continue reading

  • National Abortion Campaign archives now available


    The archive of the National Abortion Campaign has recently been catalogued and is now available to researchers at the Wellcome Library. The National Abortion Campaign (NAC) was formed in 1975 and the group defended the Abortion Act 1967 against several… Continue reading

  • Madeleine Simms (1930-2011)


    We were saddened last week to hear of the death of Madeleine Simms, who had been present earlier this year and on fine form at the Population Investigation Committee Symposium held at the Wellcome in February. Our contacts with Madeleine… Continue reading

  • Driving UK Research report launched at Wellcome Trust


    A collection of essays compiled by the British Library on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the digital world was launched at the Wellcome Trust today. The report, titled Driving UK Research: Is copyright a help or a hindrance?looks at the… Continue reading

  • Orphan Works


    Intellectual property: you are surrounded by it. Every literary or creative work you contribute to (such as a letter, a book, a painting) is your intellectual property and you have legal rights over how your property is distributed and used.… Continue reading