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  • Woodcut of man in kitchen

    Leprosy and diet in medieval Normandy


    The first seminar in the 2017–18 History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series takes place on Tuesday 10 October. Speaker: Dr Elma Brenner (Wellcome Collection), ‘Leprosy and diet in medieval Normandy’ Food and drink were key markers of status in medieval… Continue reading

  • Wellcome’s tropical legacy


    Some of the most innovative medical research happens in Africa. This was something Henry Wellcome knew, and it is something that the Wellcome Trust continues to be aware of. Today, major overseas programmes supported by the Trust include the KEMRI-Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Dr Colin McDougall and LEPRA


    Good news for researchers interested in leprosy: I have recently catalogued personal papers of Dr A. Colin McDougall (1924-2006), a leprosy specialist with previous experience in tuberculosis and internal medicine. He worked closely with the British Leprosy Relief Association (now… Continue reading

  • Norway in archives and manuscripts


    Norway’s National Day (celebrating the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814) seems like a good occasion to consider the quite diverse material relating to that country among archival and manuscript collections in the Wellcome Library. Given Sir Henry Wellcome’s interests… Continue reading

  • Portrait of a lady in Nizamabad: Isabel Kerr. Wellcome Library Item of the Month.


    Photograph by G.M. Kerr, 1926. Wellcome Library no. 726380i.   This photographic print is one of the apparently few and elusive portraits of Isabel Kerr (1875-1932), a Methodist missionary who founded the Victoria Treatment Hospital for people with leprosy at… Continue reading

  • Gimme some skin, man


    Last week I attended as invited commentator a fascinating and thought-provoking conference, ‘Scratching the Surface: the history of skin, its diseases, and their treatment’, held at the University of Birmingham Medical School under the auspices of the History of Medicine… Continue reading