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  • Dr Oliver Wrong: a salt and water physician


    Dr Oliver Wrong, best known as an academic and clinical nephrologist, was a salt and water physician. Meaning that he was mostly interested in what simple substances (such as water, potassium, sodium, and magnesium) could reveal about life – which… Continue reading

  • Francis Crick: anti-vitalist crusader


    In the next in our series about Crick and Consciousness, Dr Christine Aicardi tells us how she came to the conclusion that there may have been one underlying motivation for all of Crick’s research choices across different scientific fields. Although… Continue reading

  • The story of photograph 51


    Photograph 51 is the title of a play on the London stage throughout autumn 2015. The play explores the controversy surrounding Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953. The discovery… Continue reading

  • MacLean and Smedley: love among the scientists


    By chance, a new addition to Wellcome Images  led me to an intriguing story of love (and collaboration) in the laboratory. The photograph shows equipment for MacLean’s estimation of blood sugar kit, which was produced by Allen and Hanburys, an… Continue reading

  • Cells on Film: making movies in biology


    I am a scientist in the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics. I am also a cinematographer. Making movies of cells and tissues under a microscope is a regular occurrence in our laboratory. To be clear, there is no… Continue reading

  • What might you find in Canary Wharf?


    The Association of Medical Microbiologists (AMM) was founded in 1983 to further the science and practice of medical microbiology (a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases). Amongst the recently catalogued papers of the AMM is a… Continue reading

  • This pendant world


    Is there life on other planets, and will we ever discover another world with a biodiversity as rich as that found on Earth? NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which last month sent back its first pictures from Mars, is another step in the attempt to answer… Continue reading

  • Let’s talk about the weather…


    Patient: What do you think of a warmer climate for me doctor? Doctor: Good heavens Sir, That’s just what I am trying to save you from! Climate and health have been connected since the days of humoural medicine and probably… Continue reading

  • The Christmas Rose


    Bright as the silvery plume, or pearly shell, The snow-white rose, or lily’s virgin bell, The fair HELLEBORAS attractive shone, Warm’d every Sage, and every Shepherd won. With winter closed about us and the last leaves of autumn lost to… Continue reading

  • Hot stuff


    The thirteenth British ‘National Curry Week’ is now upon us, a timely reminder of our long-standing love affair with exotic food. Last year we reflected on the many early recipes for curry to be found in the Wellcome Library’s books… Continue reading