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  • plum-pud-feat

    Last minute plum pudding


    Looking to bring something a little out of the ordinary to the Christmas table this year? Mary-Anne Boermans sought inspiration from our historical recipe manuscripts. Here’s her adaptation of a traditional plum pudding recipe: When we think of sweet, festive… Continue reading

  • waters-feat

    A rumbustious ode to Buxton


    For National Poetry Day, Chris Hilton shares an unlikely offering from our collections. We’ve often said that if the Wellcome Library needed a mission statement, one possibility would be “more than you think”: a collection built around the central organising… Continue reading

  • Woodcut of swimming.

    Health and well-being: Early Medicine’s new theme


    The preservation of health and prevention of illness were major preoccupations in the ancient, medieval and early modern worlds. Since medical intervention to combat sickness could be both expensive and dangerous, it was preferable to take steps to avoid becoming… Continue reading

  • Shakespeare-feat

    Shakespeare’s medical world


    Why should a library that specialises in the history and culture of medicine commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death? Dr Anna Maerker, who provides a Shakespeare and Medicine lecture at the Wellcome Library for acting students, kicks off our… Continue reading

  • V0010857 A man with gout seated at a table drinking with a parson and
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A man with gout seated at a table drinking with a parson and a woman. Coloured etching.
1810 Published: 5 April 1810

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

    Spotlight: pass the port, Dr Jenner


    When Edward Jenner, the vaccination pioneer, died in 1823, he left over 800 books among his personal effects. They are listed in an inventory preserved in the Wellcome Library (MS 3028). They include, unsurprisingly, a large number of works on… Continue reading

  • ?????????????

    The Priory: an elusive asylum


    On 26 February 1909 the Coroner’s verdict in the case of the Roman Catholic priest Father George Stacey read as follows: He died from cardiac failure consequent upon exhaustion from having plucked his eyeballs from their sockets, his death being… Continue reading

  • V0026226 (2)

    Dastardly Doctor Crippen


    The doctor sat at his desk and signed the letter. Not long back after a romantic holiday in France, he was feeling content. Barely three miles away, the dismembered remains of his wife lay decomposing under their floor… Hawley Harvey… Continue reading

  • L0076412 Vanitas illustration from a book on cabbalistic alchemy

    Spotlight: vanity of vanities, all is vanity


    Jodocus Müller, city apothecary of Dresden, was a prominent and presumably wealthy citizen of that town. In a certificate of 1675 he listed the six pursuits to which he had dedicated his life:  To learn the ‘A. B. C.,’ to… Continue reading

  • MS404featured

    Spotlight: the power of angels – a charm against the plague


    Plague was one of the most feared and dreaded aspects of daily life in 15th century England. Although scholarly medicine attributed the plague to corrupt air, it was also explained in terms of divine punishment. Charms, healing remedies whose power… Continue reading

  • Two Huntsmen Featured

    Humans 1, Foxes 0: from our Sports Correspondent


    Huntsmen in their red jackets, steam rising from huge horses on a frosty morning, the clamour of hounds: for many years this scene, immortalised on a thousand sporting prints or table mats, was a fixture in the British countryside and… Continue reading