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  • Item of the month, December 2009


    As the season of good cheer inexorably draws nearer, it is customary to be bombarded with ‘essential’ lists of what to wear, buy or cook. If you fancy jumping off the consumerist bandwagon but would still appreciate a little festive… Continue reading

  • Item of the Month, November 2009: The journals of Arthur Wellington Clah


    The journals of Arthur Wellington Clah (1831-1916) – Christian missionary and First Nations hereditary Tsimshian chief – are perhaps one of the more unexpected treasures of the Wellcome Library. Written over fifty years, from 1859 to 1910, they comprise a… Continue reading

  • A Friday night curry


    We are what we eat. This is most obviously true in the physical sense, but also culturally: our diet expresses our society and encodes a wide variety of cultural influences. Not only does our food say who we are now… Continue reading

  • 17th Century Recipe Book project completed


    As we mentioned some time ago in a previous blog post, the Library has digitised 76 medical recipe books from its collections, and has now made available all the transcriptions of the recipe titles (transcriptions were created by Backstage Library… Continue reading

  • Cooking in the City


        The Wellcome Library has recently acquired the “Book of Receipts for Cookery and Pastry 1732 & c.” (MS.8687) started by Sarah Tully, who married Richard Hoare of the London banking family in 1732, and continued by other hands,… Continue reading

  • The Battle of the Haggis


    Recent historical work casts doubt on the provenance of Scotland’s national dish, as reported on the BBC website on Monday 3rd August. Historian Catherine Brown has located a reference to haggis in Gervase Markham’s 1615 work The English Hus-Wife, which… Continue reading

  • Codex Sinaiticus online


    We normally post about our own holdings, or something related to our own holdings, but when I saw the Guardian article and British Library news today on the Codex Sinaiticus project, I was so impressed, I had to share. The… Continue reading

  • International Archives Day


    June the 9th is International Archives Day, designated by the International Council on Archives (ICA). Of course, archives are everywhere: wherever there is writing, there are people using it to document their activities. Less obvious, perhaps, is the global span… Continue reading

  • Napoleonic advancement in the Wellcome Library


    Popular fascination with Napoleon’s military aristocracy, the two dozen or so assorted sons of small tradesman and junior army officers of the old regime who rose to Marshal’s rank, riches and titles on the back of Bonaparte’s campaigns, shows no… Continue reading

  • The continued adventures of Wound Man


    Late medieval anatomy works often contain a standard set of illustrations, copied and recopied from text to text. Typically, these depict the body front and back; the skeleton and muscles within it each from the same two viewpoints, and so… Continue reading