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  • Capturing brains: grey matter turns pink


    This striking and beautiful exposure of the surface of the human brain recently won the Wellcome Image Awards. Taken by Robert Ludlow as the patient awaited a treatment for epilepsy, this vibrant, colourful picture offers a stark contrast to the… Continue reading

  • Beatles, Brains and Seahorses


      MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans taken of the head, create a magnetic field 30,000 times stronger than that generated by the earth. In doing so, water molecules in the brain absorb or transmit radio waves which can then be… Continue reading

  • Images That Changed the World


    Over the last week, BBC Radio 4 have broadcast Images That Changed the World, a series in which Dr Mark Lythgoe explored the development of medical imaging techniques and their wider cultural influences. The five episodes explored X-Rays, Brain Scanning,… Continue reading

  • 25 years of DNA Fingerprinting


    Today, the DNA fingerprint is 25 years old. Wellcome Images holds a photo of the original autoradiograph, discovered by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys in his lab at Leicester University, where he still works today. This image, acquired in 2005, represents… Continue reading