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  • Theodor Schwann Bicentenary


    The treatise has now been seven years before the public, has been most acutely investigated by those best competent to test its value, and the first physiologists of our day have judged the discoveries which it unfolds as worthy to… Continue reading

  • Images That Changed the World


    Over the last week, BBC Radio 4 have broadcast Images That Changed the World, a series in which Dr Mark Lythgoe explored the development of medical imaging techniques and their wider cultural influences. The five episodes explored X-Rays, Brain Scanning,… Continue reading

  • 10th Wellcome Image Awards


    Dr Alice M Roberts, best known for her television appearances on BBC’s Don’t Die Young and The Incredible Human Journey, presented the winners of the 2009 Wellcome Image Awards with their trophies last night at Wellcome Collection. This year sees… Continue reading

  • Cell


    The latest strand of BBC4’s War Beneath the Skin season was broadcast last night – part one of Cell, a three-part series which in its own words: “…delves deep into the history of science to tell the story of how… Continue reading