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  • You can check in, but you can never leave


    Nowadays technology makes travel to most corners of the globe, for all but those phobic about air travel, swift and relatively cheap. As we enter the twenty-first century, too, ideology is on the side of the traveller: the end of… Continue reading

  • Connecting the scattered archipelago


    Stating the obvious: when you write someone a letter, you don’t keep it.  These days, e-mail or word-processing give us the chance to keep a complete record of the correspondence we send out, but for much of human history a… Continue reading

  • HMS Beagle’s Naturalist


    On the 27th December 1831, one of the most famous expeditions of the nineteenth century was launched, as it was on this day, 180 years ago, that the second voyage of HMS Beagle begun. As such, let’s mark this anniversary… Continue reading

  • A life on (or under) the ocean wave – World Oceans Day


    When we think of planet Earth seen from space, the chances are that we think of the colour green. Our planet occupies the comfortable middle ground between the searingly hot silver clouds of Venus and the cold red deserts of… Continue reading

  • “Nature’s art forms”


    The Wellcome Library has acquired a set of Kunstformen der Natur (“Nature’s art forms”) by the German evolutionary biologist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). Kunstformen der Natur is described by Breidbach as the last and most ambitious of Haeckel’s major graphic works… Continue reading