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  • Inner visions of a twilight world


    As already noted here, the exhibition Watercolour at Tate Britain (until 21 August 2011) has a section on Watercolour and War, in which a spectacularly gruesome painting by Charles Bell (1815) from the RAMC Muniments Collection is the earliest exhibit,… Continue reading

  • Watercolours from Waterloo: Charles Bell paintings to go on loan


    Johnnie! How can we let this pass? Here is such an occasion of seeing gun-shot wounds come to our very door. Let us go! These were the words of the Scottish surgeon, anatomist and neurologist Charles Bell to his brother-in-law… Continue reading

  • Mellow memories of the drug market


    The drug bazaar, Constantinople. Watercolour by J.F. Lewis. Wellcome Library no. 45051i Good to see Brian Sewell writing in a mellow mood (though not for long) in yesterday’s ‘London Evening Standard’. [1] The usually acerbic art critic gave a half-page… Continue reading

  • Last chance to see …


    … the National Gallery’s spacious display of the Wellcome Library’s four paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, Acts of mercy. The exhibition is open free of charge at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square until Sunday 17 October (open every day… Continue reading

  • Any new acquisitions?


    The online journal Museum practice often publishes useful case-studies for curators on such subjects as exhibitions, lighting, conservation, and cultural politics, but it was a surprise to read in an article from 15 July 2010 that “the Henry Wellcome collection… Continue reading

  • Myths, mystics and murals


    A group of thirty visitors from The Twentieth Century Society visited the Wellcome Library today to see the subterranean murals painted by Stewart Helm in 1992. The six bays of paintings were painted in a room which was then the… Continue reading

  • Cayley Robinson triumphant

    There is a new audio slideshow on the BBC website about the Wellcome Library’s paintings Acts of mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson. The presentation, by Paul Kerley, marks the opening of the new exhibition at the National Gallery, in which… Continue reading

  • The ‘Convalescent Blues’ in Frederick Cayley Robinson’s ‘Acts of Mercy’


    by Jeffrey S. Reznick PhD The four paintings of the Acts of Mercy by Frederick Cayley Robinson, now in the Wellcome Library, were painted between 1915 and 1920. Cayley Robinson derived his subjects from a variety of sources. A brass plaque… Continue reading

  • William Harvey in the market-place


    One of the pleasures of the London summer fairs is their unpredictability. Who would have expected to find at the London International Fine Art Fair at Olympia (4-13 June 2010) a document signed by William Harvey the anatomist (1578-1657)? Offered… Continue reading

  • Cayley Robinson’s “Acts of Mercy”: more new information


    The above photograph of one of the four Acts of Mercy paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, now in the Wellcome Library, was taken in the Middlesex Hospital in 2006 by Dr Jeffrey S. Reznick. Dr Reznick is Deputy Chief of… Continue reading