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  • Case notes, coal gas and cocaine


    Coal gas, carbolic acid and lysol were the familiar poisons of the day, the household substances that extinguished unhappy lives in the haunted years after the First World War. A less familiar but increasingly notorious poison appears a couple of… Continue reading

  • Stories of illness: biographies, pathographies and narratives


    Back in June 2011 I attended a seminar on the role of biography in the history of psychology and psychiatry. This interesting and informative day raised a lot of questions about the relationship between biography and history. Modern academic historians… Continue reading

  • The Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (1914-1989)


    Almost 40 boxes of additional records of the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (WA/MMS) have recently been transferred from storage and are now catalogued and available to researchers in the Wellcome Library. The idea for this ‘teaching museum’ was first… Continue reading

  • New issue of ‘Medical History’


    The latest issue of journal Medical History – available free through PubMedCentral and UK PubMedCentral – carries two articles which offer interesting perspectives upon major collections held in the Wellcome Library. Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton’s article ‘Bruised Witness: Bernard… Continue reading

  • The One Show


    Items from the Wellcome Library’s collections featured on last night’s edition of BBC1’s early-evening magazine programme The One Show. Reporter Gyles Brandreth told the story of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, pathologist and so-called ‘Father of Forensics’. As discussed in previous Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Spilsbury notecards to be digitised


      In the New Year, the Wellcome Library’s recently acquired collection of notecards from the archive of Sir Bernard Spilsbury will be available online. The digital images will be accessible via the Archives and Manuscripts catalogue records as PDFs. Images… Continue reading

  • More Spilsbury case cards


    Last November we reported on the acquisitionvia a sale at Sothebys of nearly 4000 index cards of notes of Sir Bernard Spilsbury’s autopsies. This collection has proved highly popular with readers since it has become available. We are now delighted… Continue reading

  • Spilsbury Case Reports in The Times


    Our recently catalogued case reports of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, received further promotion through a recent article in The Times. Ben Macintyre writes: “The archive offers a unique insight into the British way of death in an earlier age, but it… Continue reading

  • Sir Bernard Spilsbury case reports now available


    Archives and Manuscripts, Wellcome Library, are delighted to announce that the Sir Bernard Spilsbury material purchased at Sothebys earlier this year has now been catalogued and is available to researchers subject to the usual conditions of access to archival and… Continue reading