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  • A treat at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin


    © The Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Only a few more days for readers in Ireland to see the exhibition China through the lens of John Thomson: 1868-1872, which comes to an end at the Chester Beatty Library… Continue reading

  • Death to bad handwriting!


    Back in 2007 Time Health reported that doctors’ bad handwriting was killing more than 7,000 people each year in the U.S. This report certainly rings a bell with us: one of the reasons we really wanted to introduce our online photography… Continue reading

  • Mervyn Peake in China


    At the weekend we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist and writer Mervyn Peake (1911-1968). Most famous for his Gormenghast trilogy – the story of a hermetically sealed earldom decaying within the seams of arcane ritual… Continue reading

  • Cardiac history roundup


    Wellcome Library no. 679722i   The photograph above, dated 1931, portrays the cardiologist Edward Franklin Bland. Born in Virginia in 1901, Bland spent most of his career at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he was an Intern, House Officer,… Continue reading

  • A Wellcome Chinese New Year in Glasgow


    Inaugurating the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, the exhibition China through the lens of John Thomson 1868-1872 opened at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow on 4 February 2011. It was opened by Professor Nick Pearce (Director of the Institute for… Continue reading

  • People take pictures of each other


    People take pictures of each other, And the moment to last them for ever, Of the time when they mattered to someone. ‘People take pictures of each other’ by Ray Davies Picture the scene: A smiling bride and groom in… Continue reading

  • It’s that Eadweard Muybridge again!


    Tate Britain’s splendid exhibition of the works of the mighty Muybridge enters its final week: the last day is Sunday 16 January 2011 (open 10.00–18.00). It of course does full justice to his well-known photographs of things in motion which… Continue reading

  • Need an interesting image or the perfect picture?


    The Wellcome Library has recently made ordering new photography from our wonderful collections a lot easier with our new online photography ordering service. We think this is a first – we’ve not seen any other library providing a service online… Continue reading

  • Photography awards for Dave Sayer and Ben Gilbert


    The Wellcome Library’s photographer, Dave Sayer, has won a Gold award at the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) annual awards, for his photograph of George Nuku at Wellcome Collection’s Skin exhibition. Dave captured George, an artist, with the Maori display… Continue reading

  • Behind the smile


    One of the more arresting photographs in the library’s collections shows a man undergoing electrical stimulation of his facial muscles to help understand the nature of expressions. Charles Darwin used the original photographs, made by Dr. Guillaume Duchenne, in his… Continue reading