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  • Cardiac history roundup


    Wellcome Library no. 679722i   The photograph above, dated 1931, portrays the cardiologist Edward Franklin Bland. Born in Virginia in 1901, Bland spent most of his career at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he was an Intern, House Officer,… Continue reading

  • A grim day in Minnesota


    Wellcome Library no. 677114i   This colour lithograph (click on image to enlarge) was recently found in a drawer in the Wellcome Library containing personalia of Henry S. Wellcome, the founder of the Library. It shows the hanging of 38… Continue reading

  • Professor A and Professor B discuss Darwinism in Berlin


    The idea of man’s evolution from animals is an ancient one. Some statements on the subject by the Greek philosopher Anaximander (ca. 610–after 546 BC): “The first living creatures were born in moisture, enclosed in thorny casings, and as their… Continue reading

  • Item of the month, January 2011: A moment of pain and triumph.


    Lithograph by C. Felixmüller, ca. 1922. Wellcome Library no. 727758i This is a home birth in the 1920s. In other times or places, the two – subsequently three – people involved might have had moral support from women friends of… Continue reading

  • It’s that Eadweard Muybridge again!


    Tate Britain’s splendid exhibition of the works of the mighty Muybridge enters its final week: the last day is Sunday 16 January 2011 (open 10.00–18.00). It of course does full justice to his well-known photographs of things in motion which… Continue reading

  • Robert Gooch: “A name, I trust, that will not perish in the dust”


    Robert Gooch by John Linnell, 1831. Wellcome Library no. 3701i Some 9,000 of the Wellcome Library’s portrait-prints and -drawings are catalogued in the Wellcome Library catalogue, but most of the records are very brief: they omit much of the information… Continue reading

  • “In an admirable manner”: Darwinism on the grapevine


    This Japanese woodcut (left: click on image to enlarge;  by K. Egawa after a painting by Ryūrikyō, 18th century. Wellcome Library no. 730398i) can be considered from several points of view, one of which is its unwitting role as an illustration… Continue reading

  • Stone brocades of fish and football


    In any historical library, there is a continuous conversation between, on the one hand, the subjects discussed within the library’s holdings, and, on the other hand, the forms (vocabularies, media, genres, materials) in which those subjects are thought about, discussed,… Continue reading

  • Getting public health messages across


    “A really successful poster actually tells people what to do”. That’s the opening message from Dr Laragh Gollogly of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the BBC’s new audio-slideshow on public health posters. The posters shown are some of those… Continue reading

  • Any new acquisitions?


    The online journal Museum practice often publishes useful case-studies for curators on such subjects as exhibitions, lighting, conservation, and cultural politics, but it was a surprise to read in an article from 15 July 2010 that “the Henry Wellcome collection… Continue reading