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  • Galen title page with inscription.

    A Parisian surgical dynasty and their books


    Why do we often sign and date our books when we acquire them? It is not surely for fear that we will lose them and thus to ensure their safe return. Rather, it is to mark their place in our… Continue reading

  • A much travelled book


    It is a truism to say that most libraries are composed of the disaggregated parts of their predecessors. The Wellcome Library is no different, containing as it does the fragments of a myriad vanished collections assembled then disassembled over a… Continue reading

  • Dr Eady–from Soho to Beverly Hills


    Watercolour by Thomas Rowlandson, ca. 1825. Wellcome Library no. 726498i The Wellcome Library in London has acquired a watercolour by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827). Yes, without apology, yet another work by Rowlandson has been added to the large number of prints… Continue reading

  • Sir Isaac Newton in Herefordshire


    Isaac Newton by James Thornhill. Wellcome Library no. 45765i Stoke Court, at Stoke Edith in Herefordshire, was a large and imposing house built between 1696 and 1704 by the Foley family, descendants of the ironmasters Richard Foley (1580-1657) and Thomas… Continue reading

  • Two empresses and their sons


    SS. Constantine and Helena. Russian painting on wood. Wellcome Library no. 34400i Empresses are rarely encountered. However a small Russian painting in the Wellcome Library records a bond between two empresses who lived fifteen centuries apart. As will be seen,… Continue reading

  • Where does it come from?


    Provenance is one of the most frequent subjects of questions sent to the Wellcome Library: where did the Library get a particular item from? Sometimes the names of previous owners are in the catalogue record, but in a field which… Continue reading