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  • History of Healthcare Curriculum for Excellence Resource


    In the following post, Dr Emma Newlands (Lecturer, University of Strathclyde) discusses the creation of a history of medicine web resource aimed at schools in Scotland.   The History of Health and Healthcare Curriculum for Excellence Resource is a web resource… Continue reading

  • This is a public service announcement…


    …and some benefit will be gained by reading on… trust me. Yesterday I attended a programme of public health information films The Cinema of Disease held at the Open City Docs Fest, which is taking place in and around UCL… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insight: Water-borne


    A new Insight entitled ‘Water-borne’ debuts this week featuring a guest speaker from Wellcome Collection, Will Giller, who is plunging into the often murky waters of London’s famous River Thames. Take a dip into the history of the benefits and hazards it has posed… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insight: Get behind ‘Good Health’


      A new Insight talk this week entitled ‘Good Health: Medicine and Modernism’ tells the story behind our current lightbox exhibit ‘Here Comes Good Health!’. Co-curator Alex Green reveals how the local London boroughs like Bermondsey adopted new technologies and strategies to persuade… Continue reading

  • Health of the People — British style


      The Wellcome Library has acquired a collection of 600 British posters dating from the 1940s to the 1990s advertising the health-maintenance activities of the British state. Most were produced by the Central Office of Information for the U.K. Ministry… Continue reading

  • Item of the Month, March 2012: ‘How the Department of Health of the city of New York is fighting tuberculosis’


    To mark World TB Day 2012, we’re travelling back to the United States at the turn of the 20th century to look at tuberculosis prevention in New York. In 1882 Robert Koch announced his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus, formally… Continue reading

  • Here Comes Good Health!


    Here Comes Good Health! is a new exhibit in the Lightbox which showcases some of the health propaganda films and other health promotional activities devised by Bermondsey Borough Council during its hey-day of civic activity between 1920-1939. Originally, the films… Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens


    There can’t be many of our readers in the UK who are still unaware that this year is Charles Dickens’ bicentenary. 2012 sees exhibitions in Portsmouth, Dickens’ birthplace; in London, the city with which he is most closely associated; in… Continue reading

  • If not here, where?


    It was the proud boast of London’s Windmill Theatre that “We never closed”: that throughout the Blitz, as bombs rained down on London, the theatre continued to provide nude tableaux for the entertainment of lonely servicemen and their like. The… Continue reading

  • An outbreak of Mad Cow Disease in the archives


    The Wellcome Trust ’s mission is to foster human and animal health. Sometimes these two areas converge. The BSE crisis of the late 1990s was one such occurrence. Sir John Pattison, former vice-provost of University College London School of Health,… Continue reading