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  • Global Handwashing Day


    It is Global Hand Washing Day today and we’ve chosen to mark the date by highlighting material from a recent library acquisition of African health posters, a number of which remind us all of the importance of hand washing and… Continue reading

  • From the Game of Goose to Snakes and Ladders


    Amongst the more surprising items in the Wellcome Library’s collections, are a small selection of board games produced across the past three centuries. While they may seem a little drab in comparison with more modern pastimes, the board games of… Continue reading

  • Elvis spotted in the Houses of Parliament


    How would you like to enter a world to which only the rare few are invited? Where views are vigorously challenged and equivocations pounced upon by the powerful? Perhaps you would rather be a ‘fly on the wall’, able to… Continue reading

  • Food, Glorious Food!


    In 2002 and 2009 the Wellcome Library acquired the papers of food policy activist and expert Tim Lang (b.1948). The collection has recently been catalogued in detail (PP/TLA) and is now available for consultation. Tim Lang’s archive provides an important… Continue reading

  • Fighting the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life


    The archives of the Royal Society for Public Health are now available at the Wellcome Library. Whilst the current Wellcome Collection exhibition, Dirt, shows the filthy reality of everyday life, this collection demonstrates how people have worked to combat dirt,… Continue reading

  • Christmas advice from Frank Rowntree


    Francis St. D. Rowntree 1928-1996, aka Frank Rowntree, received an OBE in 1986 for his services to public health. During the 1970s, he was the Health Education Officer for Sheffield and in this capacity he was invited into the Walk… Continue reading

  • Getting public health messages across


    “A really successful poster actually tells people what to do”. That’s the opening message from Dr Laragh Gollogly of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the BBC’s new audio-slideshow on public health posters. The posters shown are some of those… Continue reading

  • The ‘Captain of all these men of death‘ is back – if he was ever away


    Tuberculosis remains a global killer, but it is often supposed to be a disease of only historical interest within the UK in the present. However, it was recently reported, Experts urge TB vaccine for all London children, that the incidence… Continue reading

  • NHS founder dies


    Fifty years ago today, Aneurin Bevan MP died of cancer at the age of 62. His legacy, of course, is very much alive: as the UK enters a round of what we are warned will be ferocious cuts in government… Continue reading

  • Big Picture: Addiction


    The latest edition of Big Picture, the Wellcome Trust resource for teachers and students, has just been published. It looks at the topic of ‘Addiction’: analysing the different forms addiction can take and the science used to understand it. There’s… Continue reading