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  • Frugal Food


    ‘At a time when money worries are front-page news,’ say the publishers of Delia Smith’s Frugal Food, ‘Britain’s most trusted cook is once again on hand with a wide range of tasty recipes that are cheap and easy to prepare.’… Continue reading

  • Schnaps: public messages about alcohol


    This graph (Wellcome Library no. 689465i) is one of the latest works to enter the Wellcome Library catalogue. Unexciting to look at, perhaps, despite its outlandish subject. It combines two graphs in one: the top half shows new admissions of… Continue reading

  • Epidemiology and Infection journal now online


    Epidemiology and Infection journal backfiles are now freely available online in the PubMed Central archive. This journal runs from 1901 to 1996 (up to 1986 it was titled The Journal of Hygiene). The Wellcome Trust worked in collaboration with the… Continue reading

  • Evolutionary Thinker Slams Vaccination!


    The Wellcome Library’s Archives and Manuscripts department recently purchased a manuscript letter accompanied by a printed pamphlet by Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913). This letter has been added to our small group of writings by the great naturalist, explorer, geographer, biologist… Continue reading

  • Centenary: Stacey Hopper, born 28 April 1909


    The artist Stacey Hopper was born exactly 100 years ago, at Aberaman, now part of the town of Aberdare, South Wales, on 28 April 1909. Thousands of people will have seen his work without knowing his name. His claim to… Continue reading

  • Commemorating the Pioneer Health Centre Peckham


    Today the Peckham Society hosted the unveiling of an English Heritage Blue Plaque on the site of the house at 142 Queen’s Road Peckham in which Drs Innes Pearse and George Scott Williamson set up the first phase of the… Continue reading

  • Prints, photographs, paintings and drawings catalogue hits 65,000!


    The Wellcome Library catalogue of prints, photographs, paintings and drawings, and of iconographic documents in general, reached its 65,000th entry today. The numbers are assigned by the computer as the records are made, so there is no particular significance in… Continue reading

  • Polish posters at the London School of Hygiene


    The Wellcome Library has a large collection of posters including a small but distinctive sample of Polish items. Frequently ironic with a grim humour, they are unusual in using solely graphic means without any slogans, as in this example showing… Continue reading

  • Selma Dritz


    Those interested in the twists and turns in the story of AIDS will have noted the death last month of a central figure – the infectious disease epidemiologist Selma Dritz. She will be remembered not just for her professional expertise… Continue reading

  • Eyes Right


    This jaunty 1939 film made by the British Medical Association encourages the audience to use the National Eye Service, an organisation aimed at providing eye testing for people with low incomes. It provides an example of the BMA’s involvement in… Continue reading