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  • Mushroom cloud from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, 9 August 1945

    Radiation Science in the Atomic Age


    If the recommendations of some scientists in the early 1950s had been followed, we would now be eating food treated with waste from nuclear power stations. In 1953 the Low Temperature Research Station (forerunner to the Institute of Food Research)… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: October 2010


    Our monthly cataloguing bulletin for October is short: not because of a lack of activity, but because the vast majority of the material newly released to the public falls into two major collections, both already described on the blog. Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Go ask Alice


    During the final decades of the twentieth century, a leading go-to person for evidence on the deleterious effects of low-dose radiation was Alice Stewart, FRCP (1906-2002), then well past retirement age. Throughout her eighties and well into her nineties she… Continue reading