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  • Refugees in Turkey (again)


    With reports of 2.5 million Syrian refugees now encamped in Turkey, this 19th century print of refugees in Constantinople (Istanbul) shows that massed refugees in that part of the world are not a new phenomenon. The image, part of an… Continue reading

  • A life researching sexually transmitted infections


    Hungarian-born Dr George Csonka (1916-2000) was a venereologist and an expert in his field. A man so dedicated to his profession, he even infected himself with non-gonococcal urethritis in order to find the right antibiotic (reference: PP/CSO/A/5). Dr Csonka’s personal papers… Continue reading

  • Tracking refugees in history


    On World Refugee Day, we remember that refugees have always been with us. Doctors and health workers have worked with refugees throughout history – many have personal experiences as asylum seekers and migrants themselves. You can find traces of many… Continue reading

  • Paralympic pioneer


    As the Paralympics 2012 commence in London, it seems a good time to commemorate their founder, Sir Ludwig Guttmann, whose personal papers are held in the Wellcome Library. Guttmann had a distinguished career as a neurologist and neurosurgeon in Breslau… Continue reading

  • The Strangeways Laboratory, ‘The Mustard Club’, and Honor Fell’s ‘aliens’


    You may remember that when the Mustard Club met here last time we were asked to provide some chemical or physical proof that the globules which entered the cells of our cultures were really mustard. Honor Fell, Director of the… Continue reading

  • Main man for mutant mice


    Archives and Manuscripts is pleased to announce that a detailed catalogue of the papers of the geneticist Professor Hans Grüneberg FRS (1907-1982) is now available online. Although a rudimentary boxlisting of this collection has been available for some considerable time,… Continue reading