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  • Image of healer.

    Miraculous medicines and exotic rituals


    The next seminar in the 2016–17 History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series takes place on Tuesday 8th November. Speaker: Dr Tara Alberts (University of York) Miraculous medicines and exotic rituals: European healers in southeast Asian royal courts in the 17th century Abstract: In a… Continue reading

  • Just to add to his ‘perfect storm’ – tea with Hitler


    Last December we announced as ‘Sex, Religion and Royalty’, the acquisition of a small group of papers of physician Bertrand Edward Dawson, Viscount Dawson of Penn, PRCP (1864-1945), suggesting that these factors are supposed to be a ‘perfect storm’ for a… Continue reading

  • A royal arrival


    The arrival of a royal baby was the subject of a massive painting exhibited in Paris in 1827 by a young and then little-known painter, Eugène Devéria (1805-1865). The subject was the birth of the future king Henri IV of… Continue reading

  • Another Royal Jubilee


    Amongst other causes for celebration, 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, founded in 1887 by Queen Victoria in the year of her own Golden Jubilee. It received its royal charter in 1889 when it became Queen… Continue reading

  • Speech!


      Released in cinemas to almost universal acclaim (and a winner at last night’s Golden Globe Awards), The King’s Speech dramatises the relationship between George VI and speech therapist Lionel Logue. The plot of the film is a simple one:… Continue reading

  • George III’s 250th anniversary. Wellcome Library Item of the month


    On 25 October 1760, the British King George II died and his 22-year old grandson George William Frederick, previously Prince of Wales, became “His most Sacred Majesty George the IIId, King of Great Britain &c.” (above). Looking back from today’s… Continue reading

  • Luke Fildes at the bedside


    As last weekend was the centenary of the death of Edward VII, it seems an appropriate occasion to highlight this image (46801i) from our collections. It was drawn by Sir Luke Fildes (1844-1927), shows the King on his deathbed, and… Continue reading