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  • Recovering the women in science


    There has recently been increasing interest in recovering the history of women in science, perhaps as the result of the desire to recruit more women into studying STEM subjects. The Royal Society recently held a group ‘Edit-a-thon’, to improve Wikipedia articles… Continue reading

  • Guest Post: Little Ilford School ‘Science Club’


    In our fourth post from Year 9 at Little Ilford School, Anisa, Sadia and Tasniminvestigate the history of microscopy. Last month our group at the Wellcome Trust learnt about microscopy, the technique of using microscopes to view samples and objects… Continue reading

  • Elvis spotted in the Houses of Parliament


    How would you like to enter a world to which only the rare few are invited? Where views are vigorously challenged and equivocations pounced upon by the powerful? Perhaps you would rather be a ‘fly on the wall’, able to… Continue reading

  • A lesser-known side of Marie Stopes


    The Library has recently added to the catalogue a copy of Marie Stopes’ little-known first (and only) novel, Love’s Creation, published in 1928 under the rather transparent pseudonym of ‘Marie Carmichael’ (Stopes’ mother’s maiden name was Carmichael and her own… Continue reading

  • Edwin Morgan (1920-2010)


    The death was announced yesterday of the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan. A major poetical voice, Morgan’s obituaries do their best to capture the range and styles of his vast array of poems. Evident from Morgan’s work is his fascination by… Continue reading

  • ‘Theories and Methods: Literature, Science and Medicine’


    The Wellcome Library is a participant in an Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) doctoral training programme ‘Theories and Methods: Literature, Science and Medicine‘, which is running from 2009-2011. The second event in this programme will take place from 25-27th… Continue reading

  • Norman Levitt: science warrior


    Norman Levitt, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University died on 24th October 2009. He was probably best known for championing the role of science in society. With fellow scientist Paul Gross, he wrote Higher Superstition, in which he challenged the… Continue reading

  • Proteins and Prizes


    Wellcome Image Award winner and current Wellcome Trust grant holder, Venkatraman (Venki) Ramakrishnan, has been named as one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009. Venki’s computer-generated molecular model of a ribosome, showing its 3D structure in… Continue reading