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  • The history of genetics research in Edinburgh


    As the archivist on the University of Edinburgh’s Wellcome Trust-funded ‘Towards Dolly’ project, I catalogued a variety of genetics collections but rarely got the chance to delve into them from a research perspective. Over four years on the project I… Continue reading

  • Glasgow University Library’s medical heritage


    John Moore, Collections Manager and Librarian for the College of Science and Engineering at Glasgow University Library, reflects on the University of Glasgow’s medical history. Many of the library’s 19th century medical collections will be included in the UK Medical Heritage… Continue reading

  • The Devil’s “greatest enemy”


    North Berwick, All Hallows Eve 1590 – and the Devil is abroad. According to the pamphlet Newes from Scotland he took human form, appearing before a group of witches to whom he requested to “kiss his Buttocks, in signe of… Continue reading

  • A Useful Scot


    Physician, Geographer, Antiquarian… the activities and interests of Sir Robert Sibbald – born on this day in 1641 – mark him out as one of the most interesting and influential Scotsmen of the the late seventeenth century. The third son… Continue reading

  • Behold the man: a painting in Perth


    Christ displaying his wounds. Oil painting on canvas 132.1 x 99 cm. Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland.   This painting of Christ showing to the viewer the wound in his side has belonged to the town of Perth, Scotland,… Continue reading

  • The Battle of the Haggis


    Recent historical work casts doubt on the provenance of Scotland’s national dish, as reported on the BBC website on Monday 3rd August. Historian Catherine Brown has located a reference to haggis in Gervase Markham’s 1615 work The English Hus-Wife, which… Continue reading