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  • Image of Trotula

    Speaking of Trotula


    In her inaugural post on the Early Medicine blog, Elma Brenner used an iconic image of the female practitioner ‘Trotula’ to introduce the new digitisation of Wellcome MS. 544, a 14th-century collection of Latin medical texts. Many students of the… Continue reading

  • Studying transgender and transvestism: a new archive


    Wellcome Collection’s exhibition about the study of sex, The Institute of Sexology, highlights the profound effect that the gathering and analysis of information can have in changing attitudes and lifting taboos. Much of the display takes its inspiration from archives… Continue reading

  • Spotlight: a portrait of Sir Francis Burnand


    Francis Cowley Burnand (1836-1917) was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge, and while at Cambridge founded the Cambridge Amateur Dramatic Club in 1855. (The club still flourishes today, now as then called the ADC.) Burnand subsequently became well known… Continue reading

  • A Lady of Masculine Appearance


    In late 1889 and on into the following year the European and American papers were agog at the antics of Count Sandor Vay, a young Hungarian man about town, who had been arraigned before magistrates at Klagenfurt in November 1889… Continue reading

  • Chevalier D’Éon: a bi-centenary


    Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée Chevalier D’Éon de Beaumont died 200 years ago on 21 May 1810 REQUIESCAT IN PACE Spy: his cloak-and-dagger activity in a world of smoke and mirrors would have baffled George Smiley. He practised this… Continue reading