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  • Ashes to Ashes: doctors debate smoking


    To mark national No Smoking Day, historian Professor Tilli Tansey draws on first hand accounts of how the British medical community responded to emerging evidence of the connection between smoking and health in the 1950s. The link between good health… Continue reading

  • Dying for a Smoke


    We are now midway through Stoptober 2013. This month marks the second year of the hugely successful NHS campaign encouraging smokers to quit en masse for 28 days. An apt occasion, then, to revisit this engaging cartoon from the late… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing statistics: November 2010


    This month’s cataloguing statistics for archives and manuscripts, like last month’s, are dominated by two major groups of archive records. (New cataloguing accounts for all the records added to the database, although behind the scenes retroconversion work continues on the… Continue reading

  • Anti-Smoking Archive Grows!


    The archives of the anti-smoking charity ASH, held by the Wellcome Library, have almost doubled in size, with the addition of 80 boxes of newly catalogued material. The new material covers a very interesting period in the fight against smoking,… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: October 2010


    Our monthly cataloguing bulletin for October is short: not because of a lack of activity, but because the vast majority of the material newly released to the public falls into two major collections, both already described on the blog. Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Smoking with the ‘Family Doctor’


    As today is No Smoking Day in the UK, we felt it was a worthwhile opportunity to flag up a few items from the Wellcome Library’s collections relating to tobacco. This in itself is no easy feat, given a simple… Continue reading