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  • The Carbolic Smoke Ball


    Pictured left is an advertisement for the Carbolic Smoke Ball, which on first impression appears a standard piece of late-Victorian medical ephemera, with little relevance to how we live our lives today. However, this week’s episode of The Cases that… Continue reading

  • The Test of Time


    This week, BBC Radio 4 airs The Test of Time, a new series in which Scientists look back at their ancient forebears and examine how much of that early knowledge still stands up to scrutiny. The first episode, broadcast today,… Continue reading

  • The Politics of Celibacy


    Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour discussed the topic “Why do people choose to become celibate?” this week. The Wellcome Library’s Senior Archivist Dr Lesley Hall offered historical context to the question, discussing both self-determined celibacy in the tradition of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata… Continue reading

  • The Forgotten Fallen


    My Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Members of the Council, I have the honour to submit my Report on the health of the City of Manchester for the year 1918. The chief fact of the year, so far as the death-rate… Continue reading

  • History of Surgery Timeline


    ‘The Operation: Surgery Live’ will be shown on Channel 4 on four consecutive nights from 25 May to 28 May. The series is being made by Windfall Films in association with Wellcome Collection. It aims to offer a unique insight… Continue reading

  • The Secret Scientists – Ibn al-Haytham


    Episode two of The Secret Scientists aired last week on the BBC World Service. Just as in the first episode, the documentary used the resources of the Wellcome Library to illuminate figures from the History of Science. In this second… Continue reading

  • The Secret Scientists


    The BBC World Service today aired the first part of a new series, The Secret Scientists. Details: “According to the popular notion of science history, the period between the ninth and 13th centuries was what has come to be called… Continue reading

  • William Sargant documentary


    BBC Radio 4 today aired a documentary called Revealing the Mind Bender General. Details: James Maw on the controversial psychiatrist Dr William Sargant, who tested drugs on his patients with, some say, catastrophic results. In the 1960s and 1970s he… Continue reading

  • Lesley Hall on Women’s Hour


    Dr Lesley Hall, Senior Archivist at the Wellcome Library, appeared on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour yesterday (Wednesday 18 March), talking about anatomical knowledge of the female reproduction system, including William Hunter’s pioneering Anatomy of the Gravid Uterus (1774). You can… Continue reading

  • ‘Archivist, Historian and Trailblazer’


    The first issue of new history magazine HerStoria, includes a feature on Dr Lesley Hall, Senior Archivist at the Wellcome Library, the title of which we’ve quoted above. The article rightly hails Lesley’s work as both an archivist and historian:… Continue reading