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  • The well-travelled archive


    With summer holidays in full swing some of us may be lucky enough to be acquiring a new stamp in our passports en route to an exotic destination. Just like the stamps in our passports, or the travel stickers that… Continue reading

  • Doctors abroad: travel & far flung places


    In honour of home movie day on 19th October, we have created a playlist on the Wellcome Library’s youtube channel of amateur films shot by doctors and others on their travels. The earliest footage, A day at Gebel Moya, briefly… Continue reading

  • Connecting the scattered archipelago


    Stating the obvious: when you write someone a letter, you don’t keep it.  These days, e-mail or word-processing give us the chance to keep a complete record of the correspondence we send out, but for much of human history a… Continue reading

  • Norway in archives and manuscripts


    Norway’s National Day (celebrating the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814) seems like a good occasion to consider the quite diverse material relating to that country among archival and manuscript collections in the Wellcome Library. Given Sir Henry Wellcome’s interests… Continue reading

  • Colouring in the last bits: the end of an era


    Exactly ten years ago, on April 26th 2002, one of the Library’s archivists sat at a PC and started our archive catalogue programme, went through various options to set up an import of data, selected the source file and clicked… Continue reading

  • A Doctor on Holiday: World Tourism Day


    Regular visitors to this Blog will know, the Wellcome Library holds the personal papers of many doctors, surgeons, medical scientists and practitioners throughout the ages. These collections, especially from the 19th century onwards, frequently include entertaining journals, notebooks, letters and… Continue reading

  • Swiss National Day


    Every country has its own day for fireworks, it seems: November 5th in the UK, July 4th in the USA, July 14th in France. In Switzerland it’s today, 1st August, and anyone standing on the southern shore of Lac Léman… Continue reading

  • Run down, and needing rest and change?


    Are you a nerve-exhausted town dweller? Dyspeptic, depressed, anaemic? Trying to think and just getting no response from your brain no matter how hard you press down on the accelerator? Late July, and schools across the United Kingdom have closed… Continue reading

  • A life on (or under) the ocean wave – World Oceans Day


    When we think of planet Earth seen from space, the chances are that we think of the colour green. Our planet occupies the comfortable middle ground between the searingly hot silver clouds of Venus and the cold red deserts of… Continue reading

  • Archives and manuscripts cataloguing, May 2011


            May was, for the most part, a month of steady progress in the Archives and Manuscripts department, with several collections in train but the majority carrying on into June rather than being completed within the month.… Continue reading