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  • How to survive the dog-days of summer


    Are you wilting under the heliacal rising of Sirius, Orion’s best friend, otherwise known as the ‘dog-days of summer‘?  Whether or not you have modern air conditioning (or servants to fan your heated brow), history provides us with a number of examples… Continue reading

  • Sunglasses or umbrella?


    Wellcome weather is a new web experiment in the Sandbox on the Wellcome Library web site. Each day, different pictures selected from Wellcome Images illustrate the current weather conditions at the Wellcome Library in London. Tate galleries inspired this experiment:… Continue reading

  • The western front and London’s rain


    On first impressions, rainfall may not be something you would expect Medical Officers of Health (MOH) to pay particular attention to – particularly rainfall in London during World War One.  However, the following example from our digitised MOH reports resource London’s Pulse… Continue reading

  • Spring comes in 1807


    Today, officially, marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere: the point from which days are longer than nights, and the long winter is finally behind us. Of course, this is an artificial date: spring is not something… Continue reading

  • The last Frost Fair


    As London reels under its worst “snow event” for 18 years, we’re bombarded with archive footage of previous worst winters: 1947 and 1962/3 in particular. The most marvellous of London’s winter events, however, last happened nearly 200 years ago: the… Continue reading