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  • The Silent Traveller in the Wellcome Archives


    An exhibition at the V&A Museum in London, The Silent Traveller in Britain, 1933-1955, explores the work of the Chinese artist and writer Chiang Yee (1903-1977). Chiang wrote (and illustrated) a series of very successful travelogues under the pen name… Continue reading

  • The Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (1914-1989)


    Almost 40 boxes of additional records of the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (WA/MMS) have recently been transferred from storage and are now catalogued and available to researchers in the Wellcome Library. The idea for this ‘teaching museum’ was first… Continue reading

  • The Atrocity Exhibition and the Wellcome Library


    Obituaries of J.G. Ballard published in the last week have all mentioned the writer’s two years studying medicine at Cambridge, a period in which he dissected the physical body as prelude, he hoped, for a career in psychiatry. As it… Continue reading