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  • Fighting Fit: the wartime battle for Britain’s health


    “We’re on Number 12 platform at Waterloo Station, one of the ten big metropolitan stations that are engaged today (1 September 1939) on the evacuation of London’s schoolchildren,” reads the BBC’s radio announcer to the sound of puffing steam engines.… Continue reading

  • Just to add to his ‘perfect storm’ – tea with Hitler


    Last December we announced as ‘Sex, Religion and Royalty’, the acquisition of a small group of papers of physician Bertrand Edward Dawson, Viscount Dawson of Penn, PRCP (1864-1945), suggesting that these factors are supposed to be a ‘perfect storm’ for a… Continue reading

  • blood bags

    The Blood is the Life


    The Library is delighted to announce a significant addition to our holdings on blood transfusion: the Harrison-Howell Blood Transfusion Collection is now catalogued and available for research. The Harrison-Howell Collection consists of memorabilia relating to the British blood transfusion service,… Continue reading

  • Sex, religion and royalty: also dairy farming


    Religion, sex, and royalty are supposed to be the perfect storm for creating a bestseller. Archives and Manuscripts have recently acquired some papers of Lord Dawson of Penn, physician to four monarchs (Edwards VII and VIII, Georges V and VI),… Continue reading

  • Norway in archives and manuscripts


    Norway’s National Day (celebrating the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814) seems like a good occasion to consider the quite diverse material relating to that country among archival and manuscript collections in the Wellcome Library. Given Sir Henry Wellcome’s interests… Continue reading

  • Archives and manuscripts cataloguing, May 2011


            May was, for the most part, a month of steady progress in the Archives and Manuscripts department, with several collections in train but the majority carrying on into June rather than being completed within the month.… Continue reading

  • The Strangeways Laboratory, ‘The Mustard Club’, and Honor Fell’s ‘aliens’


    You may remember that when the Mustard Club met here last time we were asked to provide some chemical or physical proof that the globules which entered the cells of our cultures were really mustard. Honor Fell, Director of the… Continue reading

  • Archives and manuscripts cataloguing, April 2011


      It’s (almost) all in the mind: the focus of this month’s completed cataloguing is largely on the mind, on psychology and psychiatry. As has been mentioned in previous blog posts, the archives of the British Psychological Society have been… Continue reading

  • Roger Money-Kyrle papers


      Archives and Manuscripts is extremely pleased to announce that the papers of the eminent Kleinian psychoanalyst, Roger Money-Kyrle are now catalogued and available for research, subject to certain Data Protection restrictions on parts of the collection. Money-Kyrle (1898-1980) had… Continue reading

  • A woman in wartime: Molly Newhouse


    Archives and Manuscripts have just acquired a short but vivid memoir of wartime service in the RAMC (MS.8766) by Dr Muriel “Molly” Newhouse, who is primarily remembered for her work in occupational health and in particular establishing the connection between… Continue reading