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  • Their finest hour: Lord Moran papers open for study


        In May 1940 Sir Charles Wilson (1882-1977) received a summons from the War Cabinet: he was to become the personal physician of Winston Churchill, who had become Prime Minister just two weeks before. The health of a political… Continue reading

  • The Sausage follows the Flag


    Draw up a list of iconic British foods: menu items that radiate comfort and Britishness to the native and the outsider alike. The chances are that sausages will be somewhere on that list – not, perhaps, as charged with emotional… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library loans swastikas and squiggles to the Science Museum


    Submarines, tanks, swastikas and squiggles are probably not the first things that come to mind when envisaging the material held in the Wellcome Library, but that’s exactly what is contained within the Melanie Klein and Donald Winncott archives that are… Continue reading

  • National Insect Week


    Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways (Proverbs 6:6) Over a million species described – and maybe another six or seven million out there awaiting description. Insects account for maybe half of all living species – and when… Continue reading

  • Rudolf Hess and the psychiatrists


      Rudolf Hess’s state of mind from the date of his landing in Scotland in 1941, throughout the years of his imprisonment in England, and during his trial in Nuremberg, has been the subject of speculation by historians, fiction writers… Continue reading

  • Centenary: Stacey Hopper, born 28 April 1909


    The artist Stacey Hopper was born exactly 100 years ago, at Aberaman, now part of the town of Aberdare, South Wales, on 28 April 1909. Thousands of people will have seen his work without knowing his name. His claim to… Continue reading