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  • Mushroom cloud from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, 9 August 1945

    Radiation Science in the Atomic Age


    If the recommendations of some scientists in the early 1950s had been followed, we would now be eating food treated with waste from nuclear power stations. In 1953 the Low Temperature Research Station (forerunner to the Institute of Food Research)… Continue reading

  • X-rays by Sir Gervas Powell Glyn, Bt.


    Wellcome Library no. 70i Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (left) discovered X-rays through a combination of accident and experiment in December 1895, in his laboratory at the University of Würzburg. When he realized that he was looking through opaque objects, and was… Continue reading

  • Little Ilford School ‘Science Club’


    In our latest posting from the Science Club, Rebekah and friends report on a day in the Wellcome exploring X-rays. On Wednesday 18 April we accompanied some of the year nine students on a trip to the Wellcome Collection.  We were… Continue reading

  • X-Ray Anniversary


    On this day 115 years ago, Wilhelm Röntgen became the first person to observe X-Rays. Like many a groundbreaking discovery, this process occurred rather fortuitously. Röntgen, a German physics professor, was in his laboratory in Wurzburg, Germany, testing if cathode… Continue reading